Everything is made of five elements.

  1. Space/Ether 2. Air 3. Fire/heat  4. Water/liquid       5. Matter/solid/earth

We, too, are made of these five elements. Elements are often mixed in various proportions. (Eg. Dry earth and water makes clay or we can separate salt from the ocean water, etc.)

The gurus of Ayurveda grouped these five elements into three groups/conditions for medicinal purpose:

  1. Vata (space+air)      2. Pitta(water+fire)                          3. Kapha(earth+water)


From a new born to fully grown up we grow in size (bones grow, muscles grow, etc. This means the body uses/needs more kapha (earth & water)

When we are fully grown up, we use fire to find our place in the world. This means we need more Pitta (fire+water)

When we are older, we are more aware of death/decay. This period we usually contemplate about life, death, etc. For this we need more Vata (space+air)

(The excess of more Kapha while growing up, excess of Pitta during the youth and excess of Vata in the matured years are naturally accepted.)

Some of us do not get a chance to grow older. Reason:

  1. Infections 2. Accidents/violence 3. Disease

(The Ayurveda principle is that if we are balanced in the doshas/elements, and if our karmic baggage is favorable, we can beat all the above.)

Not all people are born 33% of each doshas depending upon our genetics, etc. If we understand our family hereditary traits, we can fix the other imbalances using the knowledge of Ayurveda. For example, when the doshas are in balance, our immune system is strong, thus we get less infections, etc., and if we do good and contribute to the welfare of the world, our karmic baggage become favorable.)

As we understand our tendencies, genetic imbalances/balances, we nurture our body/mind accordingly.

Periodically, we should check for imbalances using self-diagnosis or using the expertise of an Ayurvedic doctor and correct them.

Ayurveda is more about fixing the imbalances than treatment.