Aananda (in Sanskrit आनन्दः), mean bliss or the highest state of being. Aananda School of Yoga is a known institution that has been conducting Yoga Teacher Trainings in South Florida for the past 15 years, creating a loving yoga community of knowledgeable and responsible teachers those wish to create a change in the world.

The Aananda Yoga program includes several styles of modern yoga as well as traditional teachings covering the most important aspects of yoga in the physical and spiritual aspect. Through the guidance of our director Surendran Pandaran and a team of exceptionally qualified teachers, Aananda teacher trainees receive the knowledge and encouragement needed to be able to reach their highest intentions through yoga, whether they take the training to deepen their practice or to become a yoga teacher. At the Aananda School of Yoga, we like to consider our teacher trainees part of our family and our support reaches beyond their certification course as we keep the connection with the new teachers through workshops, fun events and the never ending care towards their new career.